Frequently Asked Questions About Tattoos:

Does it hurt?
No. Yes. Ok, a little. Pain is different for everyone, and it depends on the size, placement, and style of tattoo being performed. Does it hurt? Yes. Can you get through it? Absolutely.

How much does it cost?
Again, it depends on placement, size, style, and who is performing your tattoo. We have hourly rates that vary from 100/hour to 175/hour. Choose an artist, let us know what you’d like, and let us help you actualize your dream. 

What forms of Payment do you take?
Whenever possible we prefer cash. We also take Visa, Master Card, and Discover. Firstborn children, gold doubloons, designer handbags, and meat negotiable.

Do I tip?
You are not required to tip on top of the cost of your tattoo. If would like to show your appreciation this way, some clients choose to tip the way you would tip other service industries, others like to bring us homemade goodies!

How do I care for my new tattoo?
Check out our aftercare section!

Can I bring a friend?
Sure! Our shop is pretty cozy however, so try and keep your moral support to one person. If things start to get busy, we may ask them to hang out up front.

Can I bring my kids?
Sorry! We love kids, but you’ll want to find a sitter for your appointment. There’s dangerous things those little fingers can get into, fussy babies can disturb other artists and clients, and fidgety feet don’t mix well with tattooing. 

What should I bring to my appointment? What should I wear?  
Eat before you come, wear loose, comfortable clothing, keeping in mind you’ll have to remove the garment covering the area you’ll be getting tattooed. Bring a state or Federal issued ID, your method of payment, and anything you want to keep yourself amused…movies, music, games, and headphones if you choose to use these items.

Will it fade?
Yes. Part of the beauty of tattooing is how it becomes more and more a part of you as you age. You can slow the effects of aging the same way you slow ALL effects of aging: moisturize, sunscreen, avoid friction and the sun.

Can I bring my own design?
Sure! Keep in mind that we have a staff of very dedicated, highly trained artists with their own set of skills and viewpoint. All of our work is drawn specifically for you, by one of our talented artists, and there is no cost for this service. So if you’ve just got a vague idea, or just a couple of pictures, we can work with that! We’ve used statues, vases, swathes of fabric and doodles to inspire tattoos, we speak your language.

How do I set an appointment?
Your best bet is to email the artist you’d like to work with, and they’ll help you directly. You can give us a call: (612) 353-6846. We’re also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?
Feel free to check out our deposit / cancellation policy for more information if you need to reschedule.

Can you fix my old tattoo?
Probably. Email us a picture and we can talk options.

Do you do Cosmetic Tattoos or Piercings?
Not at this time, sorry.

Do you do Laser Removal?
No. But, we recommend Invisible Ink, another local female owned business!

Will tattoos make me more attractive?