THank you for your interest in booking with me!

My books are currently: Closed

I will open my books: December 2019

When my books open i will be Booking: FeBruary-april 2020

i specialize in: fine linework, illustrative, anime, dotwork, some geometric/abstract 

projects that are not a good fit for me: full color, realism, cover ups, arm bands, tribal/celtic 

My average response time to emails is: 3-7 days

My hours are:

Thursday 11-5

Friday 11-5

Saturday 11-5


  • Your name and phone number.

  • Detailed description of your tattoo design.

  • Pictures of tattoos or artwork you like, as inspiration for the artist to use and understand your vision.

  • Place on the body and requested size.

  • If you live outside the Minneapolis area and travel is a concern to you, please include your availability and where you are travelling from.

  • Preferable tattooing date / availability in case you are not flexible.


The overwhelming majority of my work is fine black linework. I do my best to accommodate, but in the event that I don’t feel a piece is a good fit for me, I’ll try to refer you to someone more fitting. Please don’t be offended - I am most interested in you getting a tattoo that is exactly what you want and the best it can be! 

I do all my consulting via email, and take deposits digitally. I require a deposit that is 50% of the quoted total, and it is non-transferable and non-refundable. If the appointment is canceled or rescheduled within 72 hours of our scheduled time, or if there is a no call/no show situation or you are late enough that I am unable to do your tattoo before my next appointment, the deposit will be forfeited at my discretion.  The deposit is nonrefundable but will go towards the overall price of your tattoo. You can review our deposit and cancellation policy here.

Upon receiving your email inquiry, I will send a response that includes a PDF of my FAQ/policies sheet. This document goes in depth about my process and policies. I greatly appreciate you reading it in full, as it will save us both time in the emailing and consulting process. 

Cash is greatly preferred for the remainder of the payment due at the appointment. I am able to take cards, but charge an additional 3% to cover transaction fees. 

To see my most recent work and updates on scheduling, please follow me on Instagram: @jesbaileytattoo!

I love tattooing a variety of things, particularly plants and animals and food, but my most favorite things to tattoo are linework pet portraits, anime, and literary references. I can’t wait to hear your ideas and work with you!