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My books are currently: closed


My average response time to emails is: 3-7 days

My hours are:

Saturday 11:30-8

Sunday 11:30-8

Monday 11:30-8

tuesday by appointment


  • Your name and phone number.

  • Detailed description of your tattoo design.

  • Pictures of tattoos or artwork you like, as inspiration for the artist to use and understand your vision.

  • Place on the body and requested size.

  • If you live outside the Minneapolis area and travel is a concern to you, please include your availability and where you are travelling from.

  • Preferable tattooing date / availability in case you are not flexible.


Deposits for small tattoos are $50. Deposits on larger (more than 2 hours) are $100 min. Deposits are due before any drawings or apts are made. Deposits are nonrefundable and nontransferable. Deposits also come off the price of the tattoo on the last session. Please beware the deposit goes towards the design for which you do a consult for. I do not appreciate sudden changes in ideas. Please be sure of your ideas before setting a consult apt! There is no charge for drawing time unless you change your mind on your idea. You can review our deposit and cancellation policy here.

My philosophy on tattoos as the artist: Tattoos are a very personal journey for everyone, and everyone has different needs from their tattooer. To give you the best tattoo I possibly can I take my time and fully immerse myself into each and every piece I do no matter how big or how small. I take more prepping and forethought than a normal tattooer to get your piece ready because I analyze every angle to see how I can to make it better! For me, tattooing is mostly thinking. This is why changing/adding ideas midstream is very difficult for me.

When it comes to the actual tattoo itself, I take my time and dive in fully!! I do everything I can think of to make it breathtaking. I have been tattooing solely for 14 years now, and apply that knowledge to every piece. Composition, color theories, contrast, and limitations respectable to the aging process are all key factors for me to think about with every piece. Please note that I tattoo like an oil painter. Everything in layers and with patience.

Dense high saturation like color realism and cover ups take a second sitting-- generally much shorter. This is an ocd sitting. Ocd sitting differ from a touch up. Touch ups are for technical errors like not getting a solid line in. Ocd sittings are for purer saturation because the skin cannot take super intense saturation in one sitting without getting damaged. During ocd sitting we may also make any other adjustments that are needed like contrast.

Styles and subjects I am focusing on include: Trash Polka, Portrait Work (human and furry souls alike), Abstract, Realism, Watercolor, Black and Grey high contrast, and Skull Theory- a girl can not ever get too many skulls!.

I do not do micro tattoos, line work style tattoos (mandalas, lettering of paragraph degrees, lace and so forth). There are others tattooers that focus on this style. Please do not be offended if I suggest another tattooer for your piece. - I'm happy to point the appropriate direction if I feel something is not my fit for me!

If you feel the need to be overly controlling about every detail and/or do not have patience, you will compromise the integrity of your tattoo. So please be honest with yourself before setting up an appointment with me on whether or not I am right for you.My clients need to have patience and trust. If your looking at my portfolio and see something you like, it's because my clients relaxed, let go, and trusted me. In return I did the best job I could.

My portfolio gets updated most often on Instagram under Jacoba Kaufman.