What does laser tattoo removal feel like?

Laser tattoo removal is…uncomfortable. Snappy. Hot. Like pulling a wet wool sweater over a fresh sunburn. Unpleasant, but bearable!

Part 1: First Timer

I (Bambi) went over to see Nick Settich at Renewal Laser Clinic a few months ago. The clinic is absolutely beautiful with hand-poured concrete sinks and clean, clear lines. As lovely as the surroundings were, I couldn’t help being a little….nervous! I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit of a weenie when it comes to new pains. I could feel my vision getting a little swimmy, and that endorphin rush kick in as I sat in his chair and waited for him to get started.

I kept telling myself : “C’mon Wendt, you’re a tattoo artist, you have  tons of hours under the needle…you deal with this every day…it can’t be that bad.” And it wasn’t. Nick is super great about letting you know what’s going on, why, and what’s going to happen next. It’s noisy, it sounds scary, but the bursts are pretty short(all like getting tattooed) and you can relax in between sections.

Laser removal is a multi-sitting deal. It’s not magic, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Lasering takes many, many sessions to remove even a little bit. We’re working on my chest, which is a full-color deal on both sides, and some linework on my arm. Nick said I probably wouldn’t see any lightening at all after my first session. Weeks later, that was true of my birds, but there’s definitely some lightening happening on the linework.

I was back and forth when it came to the removal process. These tattoos have been a part of me for a long time! Just so you know: I love the concept of both tattoos, and they’re both going back on me, only bigger and better. My chest tattoos are in the way(and uneven!), and we’re just lightning them enough to cover. The dice were jacked to start with, and I still want them, we’re just going to take them off, and put them back on right. 

Lessons learned:

  • Get your tattoos done right the first time. Know yourself, find the right artist. Take that extra 5 minutes to make sure it’s where you want it.
  • Trust your tattooist when they say: “Maybe let’s do it just a little larger.” One of the most common regrets we hear from people is: “I love it, but I wish I’d gotten it  bigger.”
  • A few more tips on reducing the pain. I used Dr Numb. 

We are going to do a multi-part series, so you can follow me on this little journey, and I’ll share with you the information that I learn as we go along, and you can watch my progress!

What do you think about laser removal?