Thank you for your interest in booking with me:

My books are currently: closed

I will open my books for new clients on: march 15th 2018

When my books open I will be taking appointments for: march-july 2018

I DO keep some appointments open every month to accommodate a limited amount of small single session tattoos and walk ins.

My average response time to emails is: 7-14 days

My hours are:

Tuesday 9-4

Wednesday 9-4

Thursday 9-4

Friday 9-4


  • Your name and phone number.

  • Detailed description of your tattoo design.

  • Pictures of tattoos or artwork you like, as inspiration for the artist to use and understand your vision.

  • Place on the body and requested size.

  • If you live outside the Minneapolis area and travel is a concern to you, please include your availability and where you are travelling from.

  • Preferable tattooing date / availability in case you are not flexible.


 I'm a TERRIBLE correspondent, and my replies are often delayed. Given my extensive travel schedule my availability is extremely limited for new clients, which means I cannot take on all projects presented to me. Thanks!

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